• Personalized Ceremonies
    No two couples are alike. Your ceremony should be a unique expression of your love.
  • Meaningful Ritual
    Life is full of transitions calling out for recognition and celebration.
"Lenny is a skillful Master of Ceremonies. He is thoughtful, sincere, and compassionate."
- Susan G.

Lenny Scovel:

“Becoming a Celebrant was akin to answering a ‘Call’ – it immediately felt right. I believe deeply in the power of love to transform the world. Helping you create a meaningful and significant ritual that celebrates your love is the highest calling I can imagine. My background as an actor has gifted me with the tools to help us express effectively whatever it is you want your ceremony to say about you to your family and friends. My experiences in creating and delivering worship in Unitarian Universalist churches has taught me how to create and hold ‘sacred space.’ Your marriage should be an expression of who you are, of the importance of the love you share, and of the values you want to communicate with world: shall we begin to create this together?”


Lenny is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant®. The Celebrant Foundation & Institute is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to training Celebrants worldwide and promoting the use of ceremony to mark the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and organizations. Celebrants are professional officiants who create personalized ceremonies to meet their clients needs.