Many couples are finding me thanks to  I’ve been very impressed with how effective this has been.  However we find each other, I am so happy to be offering my services.    … read more

Day 365

A prayer to end all prayers: when have we prayed enough?  When is the slate washed clean and we are absolved of all our indiscretions?  When do we become perfectly whole, and wholly perfect?  Or was that ever really what praying was all about?  Life is one thing if it is nothing else – process.… read more

Day 364

A prayer of redemption: We all misstep in our lives, we all fail to live up to our best selves.  We carry guilt and shame as psychological, physical and spiritual burdens.  These burdens often define who we are.  Redemption is the process of first owning the shame, and then re-contextualizing how it will define us.… read more

Day 363

In all that is large, let us embrace small.  In all that is sensational, let us celebrate the intimate.  In all that is blown out of proportion, let us lift up the seemingly insignificant.  We are drawn to the new, to the shiny, to the bold, and we too often forget to notice the mundane,… read more

Day 362

Where do we go when we reach the end?  What do we dream when our dreams are fulfilled?  Living is a constant cycle, and life is the tension that lies within those cycles.  Up and down, back and forth, in and out.  We anticipate the future, we romanticize the past.  All in tension, a harmonic… read more

Day 361

What can our keyboard teach us?  Escape from the suppositions that bind us.  Shift our focus to what is important.  Control is an illusion.  Refresh our perspective.  Alternate between action and reflection.  Clear our minds.  Enter the world that is recreated each day.  Delete negativity.  Life is a karmic Tab – we all will settle… read more

Day 360

And there you are, and here I am, and we’re exactly who we are, and neither of us are exactly who we want to be.  And yet we endure, flourish and thrive.  We suffer, worry, reflect and heal.  We rise to the challenge, we betray the trust.  We are human and this is our condition.… read more

Day 359

Peace of Mind: a bitter truth we share is that there are often voices in our mind telling us we’re not good enough, or smart enough, or worthy of love.  If our spiritual practice is for nothing else, it is to give us a response to these voices.  We answer we are as good as… read more

Day 358

Here’s to the new, and here’s to the old.  Let us cherish each in equal measure.  Let us bind them together and wear them as a comfortable jacket.  They will warm us, comfort us, challenge us and engage us.  Yesterday, today, and tomorrow: all is now.  For the infinite moment we give thanks.  Blessed Be,… read more

Day 357

May we proclaim our wholeness and our worthiness, and may we live into the same.  We need only prove these to ourselves, and recognize them in all others.  For glorious recognition we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.… read more