Day 356

We are grateful for the many gifts we receive from each other daily: compassion, care, thick listening, deep connecting.  Material gifts are merely  symbols of a more profound sharing.  It is good to give and receive, with gratitude and appreciation for the true meaning of the gift.  It is not a commercial transaction: if I… read more

Day 355

Let us seek to find again our child-like wonder of everything.  Let us recall how magical the world can be if we experience it without bias or expectation.  Yes, we must be responsible to ourselves and those that depend on us – we cannot abandon all the experience we’ve gained.  And yet, how often are we… read more

Day 354

O Holy Night – each night is a holy night, and each child born is a miracle.  We are called to herald this deep truth 365 days of the year, recognizing our own divinity and the divinity of each other.  We are the ongoing story.  We are the constant process of revelation.  We write the… read more

Day 353

Are Faith & Belief the same?  Beliefs, whether rational or not, seem to come from experience, observation, and discernment.  Faith is first felt and then practiced: a Faith devoid of practice is merely duplicitous rhetoric.  Let us each believe as we will; let us all search for Universal Faith that embraces true compassion, affirms our… read more

Day 352

In darkness we dwell; in darkness we thrive.  We catch a glimpse of the fading light, and we are comforted in the knowledge that it will return.  We embrace the night, as a time to reflect, a time to renew, and a time to contemplate.  Without the darkness there would be no light.  Without the… read more

Day 351

We live for connection.  To connect, we must allow our authentic self to be seen.  For our authentic self to be seen we must invite ourselves into vulnerability.  At first glance it appears a frightening, dangerous place, but when we actually expose ourselves, we find that we are empowered: we are free to be exactly… read more

Day 350

Melodious strains and harmonic resonance – the music of living surrounds us, permeates us, and creates the symphony of the universe.  We can either choose to be in tune, in time, and on pitch, or we can be discordant, disruptive and dissonant.  We are all musical, all with a voice to share.  Let us sing… read more

Day 349

Breathe.  Relax.  Focus with the intent to quiet our minds and open ourselves to the message of the Universe.  Be at peace, forgive and accept.  Too often we make it All too hard, through desire and unrealistic expectation.  Do not abandon Hope, but balance it by receiving what is.  Do not fail to act, but… read more

Day 348

Let us keep our focus ever on the goal, whatever it might be.  Let us attune our energy to accomplishment and closure.  Not that we will be ultimately done, for our work goes on.  And yet, we have our little tasks of all types that if left undone will serve to distract us from our… read more

Day 347

We anxiously anticipate the world of which we dream, where there is peace and plenty and salvation.  We are worthy of this world by our mere presence.  In that spirit, let us be present to fulfilling this destined world; let us take up our part in seeing it come to pass.  Act gently, speak compassionately… read more