"Lenny's genuine presence really shines. He just has this way about him that can relieve tension with a well timed joke, or be poignant and thought provoking. I think his greatest asset as a Celebrant is an ability to relate to people in their moments of either great joy or sorrow."
- Jen
"Throughout the years I've known Lenny Scovel, I've been delighted to see him grow into a man of high value who sees the beauty in each moment of life. I would be delighted to have him officiate in any capacity for me, and hope to do so in the future."
- Kate
"Lenny is a joy to listen to. He can be funny or serious, but what I like best about him is he is always heartfelt and sincere."
- Charly
"Lenny is among the most articulate, open-minded and nicest people I know. His genuine concern for other people is apparent in everything he does."
- Don