Day 105

May we today find our traction in a slippery world.  The surfaces we traverse in our coming and going often appear stable and inviting.  Too often we discover, too late, that our grip is not as sure as we planned.  We slide away from where we intended to be, and find ourselves disoriented in unfamiliar places.  Contact is key as we sojourn across our lives’ roadways.  We will not always be sure of the surface below us.  We must be mindful that the tread of our spirit is good and deep.  We must attend to the steering of our actions, that we don’t suddenly spin out of control.  We must clear the path in front of us through the chores of practice and prayer.  We do this not only for ourselves, but also for the pilots who follow our trail.  We do this together.  The road will clear again; we will cruise and muse.  Today, travel with care.  For the many journeys we will take we give thanks.  Blessed Be and Amen.