Day 113

There’s magic to do!  Our very waking is a miracle.  Moving through our day is a remarkable trick!  This type of magic is not about deception, though: the magic of our living experience is the awareness of the mystery that surrounds us.  We conjure compassion from desperation; we summon support from indifference.  We perform our magic for the audience of humanity, to their wonder and delight.  And the question is always the same: how does the magician do it?  How do we continue when we’ve been shut down?  How do we care for others we don’t even know?  How do we find hope in a callous world?  There is magic to do: may we get to it.  For the metaphoric rabbits pulled from our allegoric hats, we give thanks.  Alakazam, presto chango, Blessed Be, and Amen.