Day 154

Life is ever-lasting transition.  Even in times when all seems constant and stable, we are experiencing an ongoing state of change.  A simple shift in the breeze, or a cloud passing before the sun will alter the energy we receive.  Embracing the cosmic flux is the key to a rich and sustainable life.  Rather than exerting force to resist change, we can choose to adapt, to accept, and sometimes even to direct.  We grow, we change, we die: it is all transition.  We know it comes, so let us prepare.  Let us consider every emotional state as a form of celebration, as the root of the word means “to assemble to honor.”  So, Celebrate today, honor our time, and embrace transition.  The path will be smoother, more pleasant, for us each, and for us all.  We gratefully celebrate change, and say Blessed Be, and Amen.