Day 156

Behold the morning, fresh and clear.  Breathe it in.  Let it permeate every cell in our bodies.  Know that the morning is us, and we are the morning.  We are caught in the stream of interconnectedness.  Whatever we encounter, wherever we encounter it, we are always simply finding ourselves again.  You and me and everything we know are the recycled matter and energy of the universe.  In this sense, there is no ‘Me,’ because our ownership of ourselves is fleeting; these bodies are simply on loan for a very short time.  Our perceived needs are only manifestations of this temporary experience.  The only thing we will create today that will outlast us indefinitely is the Love we give away.  So, breathe in the morning, and breathe out Love.  For the breath of Life, we are eternally grateful.  Blessed Be, and Amen.