Day 168

Perhaps life’s most significant transition is that which takes us from the familiar state of living to the unfamiliar state of not-living.  Significant because of our uncertainty of what lies ahead, for no one can go there and later report back and assure us that all is well.  Significant because our absence leaves an empty space in the lives of the people we’ve touched, which time will heal, but will never fill.  Significant because somehow, magically and in an instant, all that we’ve done up to that moment is supposed to come into meaning and purpose.  We must all make this journey, a next step in the arc of our living experience.  Sadly, we must go it alone.  May we, this day and every day, make the love we will need to ease the transition.  Our worldly selves will dissolve and disappear, but our love will endure, vital, active, and very much alive.  So let us be generous in our loving, for it is the eternal and omnipresent commodity, and brings the ultimate meaning to our lives.  We are immeasurably grateful for love.  Blessed Be, and Amen.