Day 178

Behold the beauty of motion!  The raptor’s graceful glide on spread wings, or the swallows nimble yet erratic flight as they hunt moths at the traffic intersection.  The peloton with swift legs, elegant line, and the many-colored jerseys.  The waves of the ocean as they crash upon volcanic rock, break, and return from whence they came.  The thoroughbred as it comes out of the final turn, all muscle and sweat, galloping, galloping.  Now behold the beauty of stillness: the grove of aspen trees, all one living organism.  The majestic mountains, steadfast, trustworthy, yet daunting.  The Mona Lisa, staring at the changing world with a knowing smirk.  Ah, beauty – take it in; take it ALL in.  For all this beauty we are forever grateful.  Blessed Be, and Amen.