Day 221

Life is lived on many levels: there is the conscious world of our day-to-day activities; there is the sub-conscious world of our dreams and our phobias; there is the spiritual realm in which we feel connected to something bigger; and there is the organic domain, in which we are nothing more than processing plants, in-taking elements, processing them, and releasing energy and other refined elements.  The Magic of life is that our inter-connectivity vertically transcends all these territories.  In the conscious world, one persons actions often directly affects another person.  What we say and how we are will reside and manifest in the sub-conscious, connecting us tomorrow.  These manifestations will influence how we view and explore the world spiritually.  And the air we breathe and the food we eat will combine, recycle, and morph into new compounds for eternity.  May we embrace this cosmic ballet, this ongoing hum that is the resonance of Being, and know that we are, each of us, truly immortal.  For atoms and molecules we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.