Day 130

A prayer for all mothers, for being a mother is not an easy thing.  A mother cares beyond belief.  A mother nurtures in spite of her own pain.  A mother encourages without doubt.  And yet, there are times when we find ourselves challenged in ways our mothers could never have imagined, regardless of their best efforts.  Mothers are challenged by their children, who think they no longer need their mothers.  We are confronted by our mothers to face ourselves in sometimes brutally honest ways.  It is a complicated relationship, and yet so basic.  May we recognize today the effort, love, compassion and heartache our mothers have sacrificed for us.  And may mothers recognize that children of all ages struggle, and will push-back; not out of contempt for their mother’s efforts, but because they are becoming their own true selves.  And that is testimony to the quality of having been mothered.  For our mothers we are forever grateful.  Blessed Be, and Amen.