Day 141

We look to the east, and see the rising sun.  Hope rises, anticipation, eagerness and expectation.  Let us seek to fulfill it.

We look to the south, and see clouds forming.  Doubt, uncertainty, regret and sometimes shame dwell here.  Let us find confidence to face the storm, and ride it out.

We look to the west, and think of the day’s ending: what will we have accomplished?  Let us be industrious and diligent in fulfilling our vision.

We look to the north, where hope and aspiration dwell.  Let us give deep thought to the world we desire, for it is likely to come to pass.

We stand here now, the center of the wind rose, pulled in all directions.  Will we be rocks, unmovable and steadfast?  Will we be feathers, blown in aimless drift?  Will we be trees, swayed this way and that by the breeze?  Or will we be intrepid, and chart our course, and explore all there is to see and know?  For the geography of Being, we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.

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