Day 155

Let us be nonchalant today, that we might find life coming to us in quite, gentle passes.  Too often we drive headlong and forcefully into our existence: we push, we struggle, we fight, we resist.  It is efficacious to relax, quiet ourselves, and try to objectively observe what life has to show us.  In these moments of peaceful perception, we find the small pieces of Knowing that often lead to the greatest revelations, even when they are gradual, prolonged, and gentle.  It is called Wisdom, and it is not found through tremendous effort or taken by force.  It is grounded in our Be-ing, which comes to us in these small moments, when we calm our minds and open our hearts.  So let today be a matter-of-fact day, that we may lead a matter-of-wisdom life.  For quiet contemplation we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.