Day 160

If hope were all that was left, where would we be?  Is it enough simply to hope?  And when even hope abandons us, what then is left?  Hard questions from our living experience, with no easy answers.  Relationship is the ultimate solution, and Love is the singular truth at the heart of the matter, both literally and figuratively.  We know ourselves best through our relationship with others.  And the more ‘others’ with whom we are in relationship, the more fully we will know ourselves.  And yet, Love is not always easy either, for if we do not love ourselves, we can never love another.  May we, today and tomorrow, experience the Love abiding around us.  May we nurture the Love we have for ourselves.  And may we practice Love in action, spreading it in ever wider wakes, until the whole world is awash in a great tidal Love.  Then, there is hope, and for that we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.