Day 180

Today we find ourselves at a mid-point, halfway between here and there.  It is a time to look back in reflection, and to look forward in anticipation.  In reflection, we see all the good that has enriched our lives.  We also recognize opportunities missed, and regretful actions.  May we simply take it all in, for what it’s worth, accept it, own it, and move on.  So then, we turn and look toward our future.  Hopes, dreams, and aspirations dwell there.  Also there is anxiety, fear of the unknown, and uncertainty.  Yet, we’ve come this far, not unscathed, but whole, standing tall, capable and complete.  There is really nothing to fear on the road ahead, no challenge we can not meet.  There is only the promise of deeper love, richer experience, and continued fulfillment.  So, at this crossroads, pause and take in the view.  catch your breath, and prepare to move on.  For this magnificent journey we are forever grateful.  Blessed Be, and Amen.