Day 191

May this day find us as gardeners and farmers, tending our crops of compassion, love, and understanding.  For the attributes of fulfilled living must be cultivated and cared for, just as the crop and the flower will not flourish if left unattended.  We must become horticulturists of the heart. We must prepare the soil of the soul before planting the seed.  We must irrigate with our tears, and be vigilant in weeding out the pettiness and impatience that would choke the young seedlings.  And if we follow the practice of the agronomist, our bountiful harvest will feed the world, clothe the poor, and fuel the light transforming darkness into glorious day!  So join us at the farmer’s table, eat and be nourished, for our toil and care has made this feast possible!  For the food of the soul we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.