Day 197

Often we speak of gratitude as an admirable virtue, but what precisely is ‘gratitude?’  Surely it is more than simply being thankful.  Perhaps gratitude is about holding a deep appreciation of just how miraculous is our existence.  There must be some recognition of the interconnected relationship we share.  Gratitude calls us to live in right-relation with each other: if we don’t affirm each others inherent worth and dignity, how can we possibly be grateful?  If we listen but fail to hear each other, gratitude is not possible.  If we reserve our love for only those who are most like ourselves, our capacity for gratitude diminishes.  Let us today begin to truly practice Gratitude as more than just being thankful or feeling lucky for all we’ve received; gratitude is a conversation; gratitude is a transaction.  Begin by paying it forward, and it will return in abundance.  And for that, we are truly Grateful, unto death….and beyond.  Blessed Be, and Amen.


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