Day 224

Life is to be cherished, and yet often it is easy to take for granted or worse.  There is much to cause us angst, making us lament our living experience.  It is in these times that our prayers must focus on our relationships with each other.  Through the eyes of another, we gain a fresh perspective on the world.  Through the heart of another, we are reminded that we are worthy and we are loved.  We are not meant to go it alone in this vast human pageant; we share these experiences both in companionship and in compassion.  We suffer the same tribulations so that we can help each other, through our empathy.  May we, in our dark times, remember to reach out, to expose our heart, and lay ourselves bear before each other.  And may we gladly take up the burdens of another, listening to each other’s fears, and offer what comfort we can.  Together we not only make it through, we make it in wholeness and with Grace.  For compassion and connection we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.