Day 282

The complexity of All is unfathomable, and as we are part of the All, we too are unfathomable.  In the course of our lives we barely begin to know ourselves, let alone each other.  In order to bring Love into the world, we must begin by loving ourselves,  This can be a tricky proposition, considering we know our own foibles and dark places better than anyone.  And therein is the complexity.  We are, each of us, marvelous beings, beautiful creatures.  Our beauty lies in our complexity, and our complexity is a blend of all we are, good and bad, thoughtful and petty.  To accept this is not to indulge our less attractive qualities, but rather to own them, take responsibility for them, and know that they are part of who we are.  And we ARE magnificent.  For Us we give thanks.  Blessed Be, and Amen.