Day 43

We are bound up in an endless love that pervades all existence! Love is the fuel of our Reactors, of our Transformers, and it courses through our Conductors. It powers all of our relationships, from the intimate to the mundane. It illuminates dark places and warms cold spaces. It is sometimes shocking! And it is uniquely sustainable, but not always easy to create. We must persevere in our quest for new sources. Recycled material can yield deep, compassionate love. Celestial power plants provide a long arc of love that bends toward justice. Most important is the power plant beating deep inside each of us. Be not frugal with your great and marvelous power! For the more you give away, the more you receive in return. Recall this day the mantra of creation: ohm! For the Love of metaphor we are grateful. Blessed Be, and Amen.