Day 46

Shakespeare intoned that the world is a stage, and we it’s players. Art is our ongoing attempt to elevate our sublime living experience to the exalted realm of immortality. Art is celebration, remorse, pathos, irony, devotion, regret and resignation. In this, it is the mirror of our lives. May we, this day, live art-worthy lives. May we engage in adventures that inspire anthems! May we practice acts that call forth litanies of values. May we sing and dance, and name all things. May we create and re-create, and paint a tapestry of incomprehensible beauty. May our lives be the canvas, our actions the brush strokes, and the people around us the palette. May we create landscapes of love and still-lifes of splendid motion, to fill the gallery eternal. For creativity driven by divine inspiration we give praise and thanks. Blessed Be, and Amen.