Day 81

Life is a voyage – we are captains of ships that sail the infinite sea of the cosmos and experience. We are explorers, moving ever into uncharted waters. It is simultaneously thrilling and terrifying. Will we discover the untold riches of a foreign and exotic land? Or will our ships be cast upon the rocks, smashing and dissolving, sending us to a watery grave? Do we care pestilence with us? Or will we expose ourselves to unknown disease? Will the natives be friendly? There is nothing for it but to press on, compassion as our compass, curiosity as our map. On and on, into the great unknown, sailing ever toward that undiscovered continent, the ultimate mystery, from which no navigator seems to return. Muster your fortitude, my fellow explorers. Once more into the breach. For our nautical sensibilities and our wanderlust for adventure we are ever grateful. Blessed Be, and Amen.