Day 88

A prayer of Resurrection – every day we each may suffer many deaths: the disappointment of an unfulfilled wish; a goal that falls short; a broken relationship. And the greatest deaths we may suffer are those in which we fail ourselves, fail to live into our aspirations, when we break covenant with the world. These deaths are accompanied by shame, by broken self-esteem, and by despair. How can we ever live up to the lofty values we create for ourselves? We do it through resurrection, by birthing and re-birthing ourselves anew each day. It has been always thus, and has been the message of every great spiritual teacher and religious tradition. We atone for our ‘sins’ by re-engaging, by rising and trying again and again. Life and Death are transverse points on the continuum of Being. May we not despair in our moments of sorrow, knowing that new life awaits, full of promise and possibility. We are thankful for all our resurrections. Blessed Be, and Amen.